APA Referencing: Course Notes or Lecture notes

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Basic format to reference course or lecture notes

The basics of a reference list entry for course or lecture notes:

  • Author surname followed by initials (if stated).
  • Year (in round brackets).
  • Title including Unit Code, Unit name and Week (and Session, if relevant) (in italics).
  • Description of medium [in square brackets].
  • Web address.
  • The first line of each citation is left adjusted. Every subsequent line is indented 5-7 spaces.


Ooi, D. (2018). AEB1804: Young People in a Global Community, week 1, session 1 notes [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from https://vucollaborate.vu.edu.au/d2l/le/content/177492/viewContent/2217850/View

Referencing course or lecture notes: Examples

Material Type In-Text Example Reference List Example
Course/Lecture Notes: Online (VU Collaborate) …as discussed previously (Ooi, 2018).     

Ooi, D. (2018). AEB1804: Young People in a Global Community , week 1, session 1 notes [Course Presentation]. Retrieved from https://vucollaborate.vu.edu.au/d2l/le/content/177492/viewContent/ 2217850/View


Course or Lecture notes obtained from any Learning Management System such as VU Collaborate are referenced as above, adding the URL of the website.