Harvard Referencing: Newspapers

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Basic format to reference a newspaper article

The basics of a Reference List entry for a newspaper article

  • Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials.
  • Year.
  • Article title (in single inverted commas).
  • Newspaper title (in italics).
  • Publication date.
  • Page number.

Ionesco, J 2001, 'Federal election: new Chip in politics', The Advertiser, 23 October, p. 10.


  • Referencing newspaper articles is very similar to citing journal articles.  
  • As many newspapers are daily publications the date of the newspaper must be included
  • Check with your lecturer/teacher if they would like you to include the online newspaper database and access date.

Referencing newspaper articles: Examples

Material Type  In-text example  Reference List example

Newspaper: Print

(Gordon 2011)


Gordon, M 2011, 'The boat that changed it all', The Age, 20 August, p. 18.

Article obtained from a Database, from E-reserve or from VU Collaborate is referenced in the same way as a print article.

Newspaper: From a Website

(Norton 2011)


Norton, A 2011, 'Why teaching must be rated', The Age, 11 October, viewed 13 October 2011, <http://www.theage.com.au/national/eduaction/why-teaching-must-be-rated-20111010-1lhc6.html>.

Newspaper article: without author

(The Age 24 January 2011, p. 12)
...in The Age (24 January 2011, p. 12)

For newspaper articles where no author is indicated, provide details of the source in the in-text reference.

No entry in the reference list is required.


Newspaper article: from a separately paginated section


(Wilson 2009)



Wilson, J 2009, 'In defence of the superficial', The Age, 26 September, A2, p. 23.

The title of the separately paginated section of the newspaper is indicated before the page number (separated by a comma).

Media Release

(Nutall 2011)


Nuttall, N 2011, UNEP study confirms DR Congo's potential as environmental powerhouse but warns of critical threats, media release, UNEP, viewed 10 October 2011, <http://www.unep.org/Documents.Multilingual/Default.asp?DocumentID=2656&ArticleID=8890&l=e n&t=long>.