Bachelor of Social Work: Books & e-books


The library purchases and provides access to electronic books (e-books) for VU students and staff. You can link through to these from the library website and read them online. You will also be able to download some books for a set time to read.

These e-books are accessed through different companies and each will have different restrictions about downloading and printing. Follow this link to the library website and view the videos below for further information about accessing e-books, help guides and downloading.

There are sometimes limits on the number of concurrent users for an eBook and often limits on how much you can print and copy. If you get a message saying the eBook is already in use, try accessing it later.

For more assistance with finding and using eBooks, see our eBooks Guide.

Key Social Work Readings

Reference Books

Use reference materials to:

  • Explore a topic
  • Identify and define unfamiliar terms 
  • Find references to other books and articles on the subject
  • Find specific keywords to use in online searches

Key books & eBooks