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The Victoria University library subscribes to a number of online databases, which collectively cover a huge range of disciplines and subjects.
Articles found through the VU library can viewed, downloaded and printed to assist you with your work. The databases can be searched collectively through Library Search (external link) or you can search them individually.


Appropriate Use

General Guidelines (Applicable to all electronic services):

Use of this service including the viewing, printing and downloading of individual articles is permitted for the purposes of private study, teaching and research. This does not include the systematic downloading, copying or printing of significant portions of the licensed content (for example: entire issues of individual journals). Undertaking this type of activity constitutes a serious breach of both copyright and licence agreements and may result in legal action or termination of the University's access to this product. Use of this service for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.

Specific Terms:

The conditions described above are intended as general guidelines. Specific licence conditions may be outlined on the individual database or journal web site under a heading such as "Terms and Conditions", "Terms of Use", "Licence Agreement" or something similar. It is important that you read and observe these terms and conditions.

New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Cabells Predatory Reports This link opens in a new window
A searchable, curated blacklist of over 16,000 predatory journals in all disciplines. Journals are examined against 60+ behavioural indicators using transparent and objective criteria.
Alternate Name(s) Lippincott Titles;OVID Databases
LWW Health Library for Speech, Language and Hearing offers a core collection of content for speech pathologist and audiologists in a user-friendly online portal. Users can quickly access gold-standard content and save chapters in PDF format for offline reading. Extensive video and Q&A further support learning needs and test prep. Package of 14 core books ideal for the SLH student and practitioner, plus over 235 video clips that cover fluency, audiology, voice, neuroscience, and anatomy and physiology.
OverDrive This link opens in a new window
  • Australian Content
OverDrive is the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools worldwide. OverDrive dedicated to creating “a world enlightened by reading” by delivering the industry’s largest catalog of ebooks, audiobooks and other digital media to a growing network of 88,000 libraries and schools in 109 countries.

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