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The Victoria University library subscribes to a number of online databases, which collectively cover a huge range of disciplines and subjects.
Articles found through the VU library can viewed, downloaded and printed to assist you with your work. The databases can be searched collectively through Library Search (external link) or you can search them individually.


Appropriate Use

General Guidelines (Applicable to all electronic services):

Use of this service including the viewing, printing and downloading of individual articles is permitted for the purposes of private study, teaching and research. This does not include the systematic downloading, copying or printing of significant portions of the licensed content (for example: entire issues of individual journals). Undertaking this type of activity constitutes a serious breach of both copyright and licence agreements and may result in legal action or termination of the University's access to this product. Use of this service for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.

Specific Terms:

The conditions described above are intended as general guidelines. Specific licence conditions may be outlined on the individual database or journal web site under a heading such as "Terms and Conditions", "Terms of Use", "Licence Agreement" or something similar. It is important that you read and observe these terms and conditions.

New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Includes a wide range of PT resources, including leading textbooks such as Dutton’s Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention, NPTE review assessments, PT lecture series, multimedia library, and more.
  • Australian Content
Please Note: 3 simultaneous users only. This product has restrictions on usage. Please logout when you have finished your session.

When downloading and accessing PDF files, a Plugin will need to be installed and the document must be accessed via a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader. Please visit https://au.i2.saiglobal.com/help/pdf-reader-drm-plugin for links to download the plugin.

Includes content from the best minds in athletic training. Instant access is available to texts, handbooks, and exam review guides by renowned athletic training authors such as Starkey, Prentice, Houglum and Bean, an extensive library of 500+ instructional videos, and lots more resources.
Investment Claims (IC) is an acclaimed service for both practitioners and academic users. Regular updates mean that subscribers have access to an extensive collection of materials and analysis on international investment law and arbitration, including hundreds of awards and decisions, BITs, monographs, and more.
A searchable online library of thousands of articles, book chapters, presentations, videos and lesson plans, all indexed and categorised, built in consultation with UN agencies and an international panel of research academics and professionals.

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