Bachelor of Arts: Websites

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Advanced searching

In order to find information and websites that are authoritative and suitable to use for assignments, try using Google Advanced Search or Search operators.

By limiting your search to a specific site or domain, you can easily find government information and publications, for example, harassment


Evaluating websites

Google is a quick and easy way to access information.
Often this information may be unauthoritative or commercial.
Is it appropriate for academic assignments?
You will need to evaluate the information that you find online before you use it.

  • Authority - Who is the author?  (It may be an individual or an organisation.) Who is the intended audience?
  • Accuracy - Fact, opinion or both?  What evidence is presented? Does the site reference other sources? 
  • Currency - When was the last time the site was updated? Does the information presented have a "published" date?
  • Relevance - Will the information be useful for your assessment task? Does the information meet the marking criteria for your assessment task?