VU Business School- Library Newsletter: May 2019


Welcome to the Victoria University School of Business Library News. This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with the latest Library news, business database news, business database trials, new resources, library initiatives, support services the library offers to assist you carry out your research, and teaching and learning.

Contact Lou Connell, School of Business and VU College Librarian on 9919 4423 or John Tripotseris, Business Librarian on 9919 1233 to arrange Information Literacy sessions for your students, and to discuss information options for your units. 


VU Content Library

New book carousel: New books in VU Library

To browse for new electronic and print books(external link) recently purchased by the VU Library, you can now find them via the this new books carousel.

VU Collaborate and PDF's

Any information resources you wish to include in your VU Collaborate unit spaces are subject to copyright. 
Copyright laws of Australia do not allow any PDF's of information resources (i.e. journal articles, book chapters etc.) to be added directly into your unit spaces, whether they are sourced from the VU Library or the internet such as Google Scholar.
Details of journal articles, book chapters etc.have to be entered into eReserve Plus (A reading list management and copyright reporting repository software) so that they can be perma-linked into VU Collaborate unit spaces. eReserve Plus ensures that the university as a whole and individuals comply with copyright.
Library staff including Lou Connell and I can assist you with any copyright queries and we can also assist you to add any of your information resources into e-reserve Plus and pepper them iin your unit spaces. 

For further information on intellectual property and copyright


Database news, trials and training

Database news

Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk Business Announces New Company Name: Refinitiv

Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk business is now known as Refinitiv.Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk business which until recently has provided access to Eikon has closed the strategic partnership transaction between Thomson Reuters and private equity funds managed by Blackstone. Refinitive, as a standalone company will continue to provide access to Eikon.

Eikon with Datastream​


Thomson Reuters Datastream and Eikon are no longer available as separate stand-alone applications. Datastream's Office tools content and it’s charting capabilities are now integrated and accessible through Eikon Excel Add-In. The Eikon Excel Add-In function will enable you to to down load mass amount of data from Datastream into Excel. Microsoft Office integration will also enable you to create financial models, presentations and documents. Data and charts can be linked within Excel, PowerPoint or Word 

The EIKON with Datastream database is located at the City Flinders Campus Library on PC SCF1520-66. This PC is only available to Eikon with Datastream users and not available to students/staff for regular PC bookings. It is advisable you book the PC


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on Eikon

Refinitiv recently launched a new Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) App in Eikon that keep will keep track of global projects/deals by companies and industry. The Belt and Road Initiative is an unprecedented 500 billion dollar program building strategic infrastructure projects across Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

BRI Connect will monitor specific projects; financing deals and primary capital markets; up-to-date country risk ratings; and the ability to mitigate counter party exposure when operating with cross-border transactions in BRI countries.

For more information regarding BRI check out this brochure.


Refinitiv Eikon Training

Refinitive, offers many training videos and webcast courses to assist you navigate through Eikon. 
Click here to visit the Training website

Orbis Bureau van Dijk industry information


Bureau van Dijk has phased out Mint Global and is instead focusing on enhancing its flagship company database,Orbis. Bureau van Dijk has given Orbis a new interface that is easier to use, faster and has many contemporary data visualisation options. Originally designed primarily for postgraduate students, Orbis's new interface now makes it easy for undergraduate students to also use.

Orbis Bureau van Dijk not only provides you with information on around 300 million companies across the globe but also industry information. Here are step by step instructions on how to access industry information.

Click here on Instructions to find out how to locate Industry information through Orbis Bureau van Dijk 

Emerald Open Research

Emerald at the end of the year will launch a new open access platform Emerald Open Research. The platform supports an open peer review process and open data policy, meaning all data sets as well as the research will become freely available to reuse, repurpose, and redistribute. The research published will range from original research articles to case studies and data notes with an initial focus on interdisciplinary content aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Have a look


Database trials


480+ streaming videos cover every aspect of the research process and hundreds of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Includes tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and an entire 15-hour introductory statistics course. Covers every aspect of research skills training and guides students through every step of the research process.

Please let Lou Connell ( know what you think of the database and if it would be beneficial to your research, teaching and learning.

Drop in library sessions

Encourage students to drop in and see a librarian to assist them with finding reputable information resources for their assignments or information on how to reference correctly.

All to often, students are using information resources that are from the internet and don't have much substance or credibility. Referring students on to the VU Library website and to see Librarians face -to-face, can often mean the difference between an assignment that is populated with non reputable information that doesn't substantiate a pass or an assignment that has been written based on peer reviewed, reputable information resources and the references done correctly. 

Sessions are offered at

Footscray Park Library and Learning Hub: Monday – Friday, 12noon – 1pm, Learning Hub (level 2)
Next semester 12.30 -1.30

City Flinders campus Learning Hub:  Tuesday, 12noon – 1pm, Learning Hub (level 9) -next semester 12.30-1.30



Ask a Librarian

Ask a librarian

During semester, library chat is open 9am - 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9am - 5pm Friday, and 11am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Outside of semester, chat is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday only.

Chat is not available on public holidays or University closures.

Chat now(external link)

VU EasyRef: VU referencing goes mobile

EasyRef is an easy-to-use interactive referencing tool accessible on your smartphone for referencing support when you or your students need it.

This short video shows how to access and use VU EasyRef via the Victoria University App on your mobile.

Accessing and using VU EasyRef 

Access VU EasyRef via the Victoria University App downloaded on your smartphone. 

  • Within the homepage of the 'VU' section of the app, scroll down to LIBRARY.

  • Click on VU EasyRef.

  • Choose the referencing style required for your assessment.

  • Select the type of item (book, journal article, web material, etc.).

  • Select the sub-type i.e. the specific item that you are referencing.

  • See referencing examples and advice.

Past Exams

Past exam papers are available through the VU Library website. The Library provides access to exam papers from the past 5 years. Papers are only available if released for use by lecturers. All papers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


SPSS now available on CF Library laptops.


There are eight laptops (7 windows and 1 Mac) available for loan to students at the City Flinders Campus Library. All of the laptops have now SPSS installed on the them. The laptops can be loaned for up to 5 hours and can be taken to be used any where on campus. 

Major ABDC Journal Quality List review underway

The Australian Business Deans Council has announced the chairs of the eight panels that will rank academic journals in its major 2019 Journal Quality List Review. The last full review of the ABDC List was conducted in 2013, followed by an interim review in 2016.

Panel Chairs for the review:

  • Professor Gary Monroe, University of New South Wales (Accounting)

  • Professor Julie-Anne Tarr, Queensland University of Technology (Business and taxation law)

  • Professor James Morley, University of Sydney (Economics)

  • Professor Stephen Taylor, University of Technology Sydney (Finance)

  • Professor Deborah Bunker, University of Sydney (Information systems)

  • Professor Ingrid Nielsen, Deakin University (Management, commercial services, and transport and logistics)

  • Professor Sara Dolnicar, University of Queensland (Marketing and tourism)

Click here to Find out more about the ABDC Journal Quality List review


Harvard Case Studies Online in VU Collaborate

Produced by Harvard Business School, the case method of teaching immerses students into realistic business situations. Cases provide the reality of managerial decision making — which includes incomplete information, time constraints, and conflicting goals — as students learn how to analyse business situations. The case method stimulates students' thinking and encourages discussion.

This guide will provide steps for VU academic staff to register with Harvard Business Publishing and link cases in VU Collaborate teaching spaces. Registering with Harvard Business Publishing will provide access to Educator Copies of full-text cases, notes, articles, and chapters, Also access to Teaching Notes/Plans (an instructors' guide to course material). 

You can ask ? or for assistance

Click here on Instructions to find out how to add HBR Case Studies in to your unit spaces in VU Collaborate.


Adding Library Content in your VU Collaborate Unit spaces

Sourcing video, image and textual content from the library can give a unit depth and context. Several guides are provided to assist with linking or embedding library resources.

Readings provide students access to online material in units for required and optional readings. Students are provided with a consistent and organised interface for their unit readings. The tool allows teaching staff to store, review, organise and share student readings within VU Collaborate, and comply with copyright requirements. Several guides are provided below regarding adding and organising student readings. 

Contact The Business Librarians for further information on Readings or using library content in unit spaces

Selecting a previous reading list in your unit space on which to base a NEW reading list

A new readings list can be created based on a previous teaching period 

As you are aware a READING LIST needs to be created through the Readings/eReserve Plus tool located in your VU Collaborate unit space.

  • A new list can be created based on a previous teaching period.
  • A new list can be created WITHOUT including any previously used list content.
  • A new list can be created from a list in a different unit.

Click here on instructions for 'A new list can be created based on a previous teaching period.'

There are also many instruction on VU Collaborate HELP on adding Library content

Readings - Adding the Readings tool to a Unit Space

Readings - Creating a Unit Reading List

Harvard Case Studies Online

Linking to Resources in VU Collaborate

Embedding a Library Video in VU Collaborate

Readings - Get Material into Readings: Individual Items

Readings - Get Material into Readings: Print Books

Readings - Organising and managing material

Readings - Peppering Student Readings