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Choosing the structural members - LinkedIn Learning course

Course overview from LinkedIn Learning

"Jump-start your weldment design skills by learning to use SOLIDWORKS to create a steel building. This project-based course starts at the foundation: creating the planes, floor plan, and elevation sketches for a small shop building. Along the way, author Gabriel Corbett covers material selection, 3D sketching, and laying out structural members. Then together you'll dive into creating welded and bolted corners, trimming and extending structural members for the best fit, and using gussets, bolt plates, and a foundation to define the structure of the building. The project ends with designing a custom weldment profile and generating frame drawings that can be handed off to manufacturing."

Evaluating websites

Information from web sites can be very easy to find. Due to the nature of the web, it is very important to evaluate anything that you find before including it in an assignment or essay.

Anyone can author or publish material on a web site. No quality control process is required.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use information from web sites just that you need to apply an evaluation criteria to understand: 

 Authority - What type of site is it? Who authored the content? What was the intended audience?

Objectivity - Is the purpose and intention of the source clear, including any bias or particular viewpoint?

 Accuracy - Fact or opinion? What evidence is presented? Does the site reference other sources?

 Currency - When was the last time the site was updated? Does the information presented have a "published" date?

Evaluating website tutorial

In this guided tutorial you will learn how to evaluate information with a critical eye, use criteria to determine credible web sources, and spot other reliable sources you can use.

Reference (APA)

Acadia University Library. (2008). Credible sources count!. Retrieved from http://library.acadiau.ca/sites/default/files/library/tutorials/webevaluation/.

Choosing Architectural Materials

Designing Structural Steel – Steel Beam