Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (Honours): Books & eBooks

How to search for books & e-books

Engineering e-book options

Apart from general Library Search, you can also use specific engineering e-book libraries to search for books and books chapters on your specific topics:


IEEE Xplore-Wiley eBooks Library

SPIE Digital Library eBooks
e-books from three SPIE Press series in optics and photonics

Print and Electronic Books

The library provides access to print and electronic books.
You can borrow print books from any of our campus libraries.
E-books are our preferred format for purchase, and are available for use on and off-campus. You can locate an e-book using the Library Search and read it online. You can download some e-books for a set period of time and read them offline on your device. The e-books can also be accessed through different e-books providers, taking into account they have different restrictions about downloading and printing.
Need some help using e-books? Check out our Books page.

Key resources

The following sources will be useful for finding information on your topics. If an e-book, click on the full-text link to connect to it.

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of freely accessible educational resources that are in the public domain. 

Please check out our new library guide ‘OER Textbooks’ that will have some useful educational materials. This is an additional resource to the more general ‘Open Educational Resources’ guide.

Dictionaries, Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries, handbooks, manuals and encyclopedias can be used for gaining the background information for the problem based learning tasks or projects. They are useful as they often provide essential factual information, definitions, concepts and technical details.