Harvard Referencing: Company information

Basic format to reference company information

The basics of a Reference List entry for a company report:

  • Author.
  • Year.
  • Report title (in italics).
  • Date viewed.
  • Website address or database provider

BHP Billiton 2017, BHP Billiton sustainability report for the year ended 30 June 2017, viewed 2 May 2018 <https://www.bhp.com/-/media/documents/investors/annual-reports/2017/bhpsustainabilityreport2017.pdf?>.



  •         The content of electronic material for companies changes quickly. Always include the date you accessed the material from  the source referenced.
  •         The author is usually the database provider. The date is the year of the publication of the profile.
  •          In the case of a database that has financial data that is updated regularly use the current year.
  •          Use a descriptive title to describe data from specialised sources such as Datastream and Mint Global.

Referencing company information: Examples

Material Type



Reference List Examples
Company Report (BHP 2017)

BHP 2017, BHP sustainability report for the year ended 30 June 2017, viewed 20 May 2018, <https://www.bhp.com/-/media/documents/investors/annual-reports/2017/bhpsustainabilityreport2017.pdf?>.

Company Annual Report (Telstra 2018)

Telstra 2018, Telstra annual report 2018, viewed 25 August 2018, retrieved from Orbis database.

Company Profile (Marketline 2017)

Marketline 2017, Tesla Motors Inc., company profileviewed 15 May 2018, retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

Financial Data (Datastream 2018) Datastream 2018, S&P ASX200 daily index data 2016-2018, viewed 20 March 2018, retrieved from Datastream database.
Industry Report (Ibisworld 2018)

Ibisworld 2018, Employment placement and recruitment services in Australia: global industry report, viewed 7 March 2018, retrieved from IbisWorld database.