HNB1102 & HNB1205 Foundations in Nursing: Databases & journals

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides an alternative way to search  scholarly literature. 

Full text journal articles and research papers can be retrieved by clicking on the "Find Fulltext@VU Library" link when it appears to the right of your search results.  This will happen automatically while on-campus but may need to be set up as "Library Links" under Scholar Settings to work from off-site.

Try entering your own search terms in the Google Scholar box below.


Google Scholar Search

How can you tell if a journal is peer reviewed?


UlrichsWeb is the authoritative source to go to if you want to find out if a journal is peer reviewed or not.
In UlrichsWeb, type in your journal title. If the journal name has an icon like a little black and white striped referee shirt , the journal is peer reviewed.

Journals and databases explained

A journal or periodical is usually published a number of times throughout the year. It may be published monthly or quarterly or twice a year.  Individual journal titles publish articles related to a particular field or subject area. Some nursing journals are the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing; Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal; Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession.

Each issue of a journal contains articles written by researchers and practitioners in the field. The articles will be related to the broad field of the journal but will be on a specific topic. Each issue of a journal is given an issue and volume number. Usually, all issues from the same year will have the same volume number.

For information on referencing journal articles go to the Referencing page of this guide and the Referencing Style Guides on the Library website. 

You can find journal articles online via Library search or via Library databases. A Database is a search engine for journal articles. One database may search hundreds of individual journal titles. Databases often include journals covering a particular subject area. Search the CINAHL database to find journal articles on all aspects of nursing. The Library also subscribes to many medical and health databases available on the ProQuest database platform. Once you have clicked on the database, you will be directed to its search page and searching multiple databases content simultaneously. 

 View the videos on this page to learn how to search for journal articles on a topic using Library Search or Library databases.

How to search for a journal article using Library Search