NBD1100 Built Environment Communication and Skills: Books & e-books

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Print and Electronic Books

The library provides access to print and electronic books.
You can borrow print books from any of our campus libraries.
E-books are our preferred format for purchase, and are available for use on and off-campus. You can link through to these from the library website and read them online. You can also download some books for a set period of time and read them on your own device. The e-books are accessed through different e-books providers and have different restrictions about downloading and printing.
Need some help using e-books? Check out our e-books page.

Transcript for how to find an exact title on Library Search video

How to find a print book at Footscray Park campus library

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In this presentation you will see how to find a print book at Footscray Park campus library.

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You can search for books on the library’s homepage by typing in a title, author or simply entering keywords.

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Type in your key words. Choose ‘books and e-books’ button and search.

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Scroll down the screen to the ‘Library branch’ heading and choose Footscray Park. The page will update.

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A call number shows the location of the book on the shelf. This book is available to borrow. If the book is not available, you can place a hold.

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For further information, please contact us through ‘Ask a Librarian’ service or talk to a rover or library staff member if on campus. 

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