Master of Nursing: Books & eBooks

Books & E-books

The Library collection includes both electronic books (e-books) and print.  Search for e-books & print via Library Search. You can place Holds on print books and have them transferred to a convenient campus library for collection.  

The library provides access to electronic books (e-books) for VU students and staff. You can link through to these from the library website and read them online. You will also be able to download some books for a set time to read.

These e-books are accessed through different companies and each will have different restrictions about downloading and printing. Further information is available on the Library website or read the information and watch the videos on this page to learn about accessing and downloading e-books.

E-books: How to access and use e-books

Downloading an e-book to read on your computer

E-books can be downloaded from the Library website to a computer for a limited period (1-7days). With your Adobe Digital Editions ID you can access the one e-book across multiple devices.

To download an e-book you will need to:

Log in to the Library website with your student ID and Library PIN

Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer

Login with Adobe Digital Editions ID. You will be prompted to sign up for a ADE ID when downloading an e-book or register on the Adobe homepage

Watch this step by step video on downloading Adobe Digital Editions and creating an Adobe Digital Editions ID.


Downloading an e-book to read on your mobile device

To download ebooks from the library website  in ePub or PDF format to a tablet or phone you need to first download the Bluefire Reader app.

Download Blue Fire reader for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Download Blue Fire Reader for android