Bachelor of Speech and Language Sciences/Master of Speech Pathology: Databases & journals

Journals and databases explained

A journal or periodical is usually published a number of times throughout the year. It may be published monthly or quarterly or twice a year.  Individual journal titles publish articles related to a particular field or subject area. Some  journals relevant to the discipline of speech pathology  are:

 American Journal of Speech-Language Pathologyinternational, peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology  is Speech Pathology Australia's major clinical publication and provides a professional forum for members. JCPSLP is produced three times a year in March, July and November.

International Journal of Speech- language Pathology is Speech Pathology Australia's principle academic publication. The International Journal is produced six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Each issue of a journal contains articles written by researchers and practitioners in the field. The articles will be related to the broad field of the journal but will be on a specific topic.

You can search for journal articles on a specific topic online via Library search or via Library databases. A Database is a search engine for journal articles. One database may search hundreds of individual journal titles. Databases often include journals covering  a particular subject area.  Search the CINAHL database to find journal articles related to the discipline of speech and language  sciences.

Watch the video below, Scholarly or Academic Journals and databases. This video provides an introduction to academic  journals and databases and explains the peer-review process. 


Key allied health databases

Google Scholar


Many VU library databases can also be searched through Google Scholar.

Fulltext journal articles and research papers can be retrieved by clicking on the "Find Fulltext @ VU Library" link when it appears to the right of your search results. This will happen automatically while on campus but may need to be set up as "Library Links" under Scholar Settings to work from off-site. This video provides information on how to change settings from within Google Scholar.

Alternatively use this direct link which includes the VU institutional settings.