AI for T&L in Education: Sources for further information

Teaching with AI

Teaching with AI from Open AI

Teaching with AI is an information guide for educators from the organisation behind ChatGPT. It includes examples of AI use FOR teaching and links to a range of resources for educators.

Student Use Cases for AI

Written by Ethan and Lilach Mollick for Harvard Business Publishing, this guide to AI use in the classroom published in September 2023 ncludes recommendations and prompts for using AI tools in the classroom.

Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Schools

The Australian Framework for Generative AI in Schools (the Framework) seeks to guide the responsible and ethical use of generative AI tools in Australian school-based education. It does not address other forms of AI. It is aimed at teachers as well as administrators, parents, support staff and students.

AI and assessment

Assessment Design

The book Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World (Bearman et. al, 2020) covers a range of topics related to assessment practices, digital literacies and human intelligences.


The Australasian Academic Integrity Network provides an email-based community of practice, resources and events with a membership of more than 720 academic and professional staff from across the region who discuss a wide range of academic-related and assessment issues, including AI. 

TEQSA AI Resources

These resources are provided to support higher education providers and their staff to leverage the affordances of AI as well as to meet the challenges it presents. 

TIU Resources on Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence

This information page is updated monthly with resources related to AI and Academic Integrity.

General AI in education resources

Dr Phil's Newsletter

Dr. Philippa Hardman's substack newsletter on AI provides articles and tips on using AI in the classroom. 

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed regularly posts news stories and opinion pieces regarding AI and higher education.

Practical AI for Instructors and Students

This five-part video series from the Wharton School's Eli and Lilach Mollick is essential learning for educators who care about educating themselves about AI and how it can be leveraged to benefit student learning and to support the work of academics.

The Conversation

The Conversation is an online magazine that provides articles authored by journalists and academics. They regularly cover AI topics in higher education.

Teaching helps/tools for the writing classroom and beyond

This regularly updated list has a range of resources and is regularly updated by US-based educator and author Laura Dunin, professor at the University of Central Oklahoma.

General AI information

Humans vs. Machines

This limited series podcast on AI by cognitive scientist Gary Marcus takes listeners through AI basics and then introduces various topics related to AI such as societal impacts, governance and the future of work.