AI in Education for Students: General principles for use of Generative AI

General principles for use of generative AI

Use of generative AI in your learning and study process should be ethical, productive, and uphold critical thinking. Below are some general principles to consider when using generative AI in your studies.

  1. Ensure your use of AI follows the guidelines given for the particular course, unit, and assessment
    • Follow your instructor’s guidance on exactly what and how generative AI tools can be used during assessments for your unit.
    • Ensure that any use of generative AI has been cited and acknowledged according to unit's or institution's policies and guidelines.
    • Use of AI in a way that is not consistent with policies and guidelines can result in a finding of academic misconduct.
  2. Keep track throughout your assignment process of the ways you have used generative AI
    • Save copies of each step to create a record that can be shared with instructors to facilitate respectful conversations about your work. For example, keep copies of your previous drafts before and after interacting with generative AI.
  3. Ensure that your final work is your own and is not copy and pasted from a generative AI tool
    • Your own style and voice should be evident.
    • Simply rephrasing AI-generated content is not enough for it to be considered your own work! You must still apply your own critical thinking and logical reasoning to write assignments and, most importantly, ensure learning. 
  4. Exercise critical thinking and disciplinary expertise when considering AI-generated information 
    • It is important to fact-check the information you receive. Note the limitations of generative AI, including that content generated by AI may not be up to date, content generated by AI may not be accurate, and its limited ability to provide a reliable source for the information it outputs.
  5. Be wary of biases in the generative AI you are using
    • AI tools may align with commercial objectives or political prejudices.
    • Apply critical thinking at all times: analyse and contextualise AI's outputs, and cross-verify any information AI gives you. 
    • Form your own perspective.