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Study with Academic Integrity. As you start or continue your studies at Victoria University, complete the academic integrity modules. Understand what academic integrity means and why it is important to present authentic work and acknowledge the work of others.

To access these interactive modules you must be enrolled as a VU student.

After successfully completing all five modules and quizzes you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. This is a downloadable PDF file which includes the your student name and date of completion.

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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the ethical basis upon which academic work is produced. It comprises important values that shape the work of the University in teaching, research and engagement. These are:

  1. Respect for the participatory nature of learning and the work and perspective of others.
  2. Honesty, which involves acknowledging the work and ideas of others.
  3. Fairness, through realistic assessment expectations and clear standards that are applied consistently.
  4. Responsibility, which highlights that every person at the University has a duty to maintain academic integrity.

(Quoted from VU Academic Integrity Policy)

Understanding Academic Integrity

Select the image to link through to 'Understanding academic integrity: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)' from TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) [Image TEQSA, CC BY 3.0 licence)

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Learning Hubs: academic and study skills

Learning Hubs are welcoming, collaborative virtual and physical spaces that provide academic skill development and advice; assistance with transition to study; and a range of activities that build and enhance what you learn in the classroom.

From VU Polytechnic to PhD students we've got something for you. Offering workshops, drop-ins, study groups and 'Essential Activities', we help you build your skills for these areas and more:

Student Mentors are also available to assist you transition to uni and throughout your studies.

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