Planetary Health resources at VU: Resources overview

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This page includes Victoria University databases and Open Access resources on planetary health, as well as Learning & Teaching (L&T) resources with a planetary health focus.

Searching across VU resources

Staff and students from Victoria University are able to access various online resources from VU Library. You may be initially diverted to the VU Portal log-in page. Enter your Victoria University credentials.

Below is a selection of search links that allow you to re-run a VU Library search. Using the Limits option within the search results may be appropriate to focus your search more precisely. For all examples, a limit to all literature published in the last five years has been applied.

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Interview: Tools for planetary health education - Day 2, 2021 PHAM

This interview will reveal how planetary health education is being developed and promoted at different academic levels. Speakers will explain current examples, as well as share steps for planetary health education to become mainstream.


  • Moderator: Carlos Faerron Guzmán
  • Interviewee: Mayara Floss
  • Interviewee: Omnia El Omrani
  • Interviewee: Martin Herrmann