SPE1006 Introduction to Movement Skills: Overview

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This page provides information on getting started on your assignment and keyword searching strategies.


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This guide provides a starting point for using resources in the VU Library.


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Steps to a successful assignment

  1. Collect all your information about the assignment.
  • the handout on the assignment
  • the type of resources required for your Reference List e.g. books, journal articles
  • notes from classes on how to do the assignment
  1. Analyse and prepare
  • identify the Required Reading 
  • identify keywords & search the Library for additional resources e.g. books, journal articles (see the boxes below to know what are keywords and for some keyword search strategies)
  1. Read for Information
  • read Required Reading and make notes
  • read the additional articles etc for information not in the Required Reading
  • prepare each Reference as you read it, ensure it is written in the APA referencing style. See the APA referencing guide for further assistance
  1. Start writing
  • collect notes from your reading and start to build your assignment
  • write the correct References for each of your readings for your Reference List

Assignment 2 - Skill report

The first task of your second assignment is to provide a brief report on the skill you have been assigned. You are asked to consider:
  • What is the fundamental movement skill?
  • What are some specialised movement skills the fundamental movement skill is a foundation for?
  • What classification of fundamental movement skill is it? (e.g., stability, locomotor,manipulative)
  • What are the performance criteria for assessing the skill?

Use the tips on this page to consider how to collect and analyse the information you need to complete your assignment successfully.

What are keywords?

Key words are words in a question that tell you the approach you should take when answering an assignment question. 

Keywords can include:

Content Words      

  • Tell you what the topic area is.
  • Help you to focus your research and reading on the correct area.
  • Think about synonyms or similar words.    



Source: University of New South Wales 

Limiting Words 

  • Tell you what area(s) to focus on, eg. sedentary lifestyle
  • Define the topic area further, eg. sedentary lifestyle in adults.
  • Indicate aspects of the topic area you should narrowly concentrate on, eg. sedentary lifestyle in adults and obesity.



Task Words

  • Tell you what to do; the action(s) you need to perform, eg. compare, contrast, describe, summarise.

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