AHE1101 Structural Kinesiology: Databases & Journals

What is a scholarly or academic journal and how to check for peer reviewed articles?

Watch the following video to learn what a scholarly or academic journal is, and what a journal database is. In addition, the video explains the peer review process and how to check if a journal is peer-reviewed or not.

Relevant journals

List of relevant journals are listed below: Note: refer to the Anatomy resources section for a list of Anatomy journals

Database access to peer-reviewed journal articles

Rather than searching ALL the library resources, you can choose to search in ONE of the databases. Remember to limit your search results to peer-reviewed (or refereed) articles.


Current (and sometimes local) information but not peer-reviewed

Video databases

SRMO database

Having trouble finding information about different qualitative and quantitative methodologies? Sage Research Methods Online: SRMO is the answer! From first-year students up to PhD level and beyond SRMO explains the different research methodologies and provides articles and book chapters about their implementation. Find SRMO under 'S' on the Library databases page or click here: SRMO.