NEF1103 Engineering and the Community: What is Engineering?

Why I love engineering at VU

Engineering explained

Types of engineering taught at VU

The College of Engineering and Science teaches the following engineering disciplines:

Architectural Engineering

This discipline involves the processes behind making safe buildings. It covers planning, design and construction with an emphasis on sustainable design.

Architectural Engineers are involved in:

  • architectural history and design of buildings
  • air conditioning, lighting and electrical power distribution
  • water supply and distribution
  • fire and life safety systems
  • sustainable building systems design
  • building structures and building construction technology.

Building (Construction Management) Engineering

Building and Construction managers are involved in:

  • the entire building process
  • building construction planning
  • feasibility planning
  • project management.

Civil Engineering

This discipline is one of the broadest within engineering covering a wide area of the manmade environment. It involves:

  • planning, designing, and constructing infrastructure
  • managing and/or rehabilitating essential community infrastructure including residential, commercial, industrial buildings
  • water supply, wastewater systems, irrigation, drainage, flood protection systems,
  • transport systems, bridges, roads
  • ports/harbours and airport facilities

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This discipline involves four areas:

  • Power Systems Engineering 
  • Embedded Systems
  • Microelectronic Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the design, construction and operation of machinery. Mechanical engineers use their in-depth knowledge of the Physical Sciences and Mathematics to design, analyse, manufacture, develop, improve and maintain mechanical products, devices, processes and systems as well as generate clever solutions to a broad range of problems.
Mechanical engineers are involved in:

  • manufacturing and automation
  • design of machines and industrial processes
  • machine health and condition monitoring
  • climatic and environmental control systems
  • hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Sports Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Sports Engineering), the only course of its kind in Victoria, combines the study of electronics, mechanical design, and human factors for the engineering of sports technology.

Sports engineers:

  • design and produce sports equipment and facilities using advanced material and technology
  • analyse athlete performance
  • design solution that minimise the risk of sports injury