NEF1204 Introduction to Engineering Design: Design Challenge: Digital Circuit Design

Overview of Activity

You will develop, build and market an Electric Passenger Train Alarm System (EPTAS):

Analysis and Design Phase of the Alarm System

After you have researched the topic to fully understand the project, your team should identify all the necessary input signals that will make the alarm system as smart as possible. 

Build Process

After analysis and design phase, list the components required to build the system. Additionally, provide the total cost of building the system.

Team Design Report 

Produce the design report on the analysis, design and construction of the alarm circuit, including the detailed description of the design of the system, the results, and the conclusion.

You must decide on the specifications of the projects. You will record sensor data, use MATLAB to analyse and display the data and present a report on your work.

Relevant Library Resources


Sample Search - Click on the image and be led for search results on 'train alarm circuits'. A range of different resources, including book & e-books, journal articles, and conference proceedings will come up in the search result. Not all electronic material discovered by the Library Search will provide access to the full-text content. To get the full-text of a resource for which you now have an abstract, click on "Check for full text" link resolver. The material that is no 


Reference Books

Key Search Terms

 Key terms relevant to the challenge

train alarm systems

train AND alarm circuit

digital circuit design train control OR surveillance systems
train protection system train safety system
train alarm system train safety alarms
train comfort measuring systems train control and monitoring systems


Databases are collections of journals. These full-text databases would be the most useful for your challenge. Use combinations of the Key Search Terms listed on this page to search for more article resources.

For a more complex database search you could use a citation database. This lists titles, authors and abstracts. There is no full-text within this database but there are links provided to search for full-text.

How to find a journal article in a Library Database

Electric Circuits Video

MATLAB Resource