NEF1104 Problem Solving for Engineers: Books & e-books

A guide for research and inquiry in the unit NEF1104

Finding books and e-books

Finding books and ebooks

Go to the Find Library Resources box on the Library home page.

Select the "Books & eBooks" button.

Enter the title, author or keywords.

You can further refine your results by publication date or specific campus library.

You can also search for books in the Library Catalogue.


Refer to the E-books guide for specific information regarding electronic books.


Communication skills - useful resources

Dictionaries, Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries, handbooks, manuals and encyclopedias can be used for gaining the background information for the problem based learning tasks or projects. They are useful as they often provide essential factual information, definitions, concepts and technical details.

Print and Electronic Books

The library provides access to print and electronic books.
You can borrow print books from any of our campus libraries.
E-books are our preferred format for purchase, and are available for use on and off-campus. You can link through to these from the library website and read them online. You can also download some books for a set period of time and read them on your own device. The e-books are accessed through different e-books providers and have different restrictions about downloading and printing.
Need some help using e-books? Check out our e-books page.

How to access and use ebooks

For more specific information regarding finding, reading and getting the most from electronic books, refer to our E-books guide.

How to find an exact title through Library Search

How to find a print book at a specific campus library