Bachelor of Building Design: Books & eBooks

Searching for books and e-books

The library provides access to print and electronic books (e-books). E-books are our preferred format for purchase, and are available for use on and off-campus 24/7 from anywhere you have an access to the Internet. You can search for e-books and books using the Library Search by their title, authors, or by using keywords on your topic. Think about the keywords from your assignment question or paper and use these words in Library Search to find relevant resources.

E-books are easy to read online using a computer, tablet or a mobile device. You can also download an e-book for a set period of time and read it offline on your device. The e-books can be accessed through different e-books providers. E-book providers have different restrictions about downloading e-books and printing pages from them. For more information on accessing e-books, check out our e-books page on the library website.

You can borrow print books from any of our campus libraries.

Browsing print resources

See below for subject areas and call number ranges that are typically relevant to Architecture.

Subject Call number
Landscape architecture 712
Architecture 720
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances of architecture 720.3
Architecture with respect to kinds of persons 720.8
Architectural construction (monuments, general and interdisciplinary works on the design and construction of buildings, materials and structural elements) 721
Yards (landscape architecture) 721.6
Fireplaces (architecture)  721.8
Architecture ca. 300  722
Architecture from 1400  724
Public structures  725
Factories (architecture)  725.4
Shrines (architecture) 726.1
Buildings for education & research 727
Residential and related buildings 728


How to find an exact title through Library Search

Transcript - How to find an exact title through Library Search

In this presentation, you will see how to find an exact title on library’s search. Type exact title in the search box. Choose “All resources” button and search. This page shows all the result but to refine to an exact title, you need to go to advance search by clicking on the “Advanced search” link located under the search text box. The title is automatically filled in. Select “TI Title” from the drop down menu. The first result is the exact title. Other results match some words from your search title. For further information, please contact us through ‘Ask a Librarian’ service.

Downloading e-books to a computer

E-books can be downloaded from the Library website to a computer for a limited period (1-7days). With your Adobe Digital Editions ID you can access the one e-book across multiple devices.

To download an e-book you will need to:

Log in to the Library website with your student ID and Library PIN

Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer

Login with Adobe Digital Editions ID. You will be prompted to sign up for a ADE ID when downloading an e-book or register on the Adobe homepage. 

Watch this step by step video on downloading Adobe Digital Editions and creating an Adobe Digital Editions ID.

Downloading e- books to a tablet or phone

To download ebooks from the library website  in ePub or PDF format to a tablet or phone you need to first download the Bluefire Reader app.ebooks from the library website  in ePub or PDF format to a tablet or phone you need to first download the Bluefire Reader app.

Download Blue Fire reader for iphone/ipod touch/ipad

Download Blue Fire Reader for android

Vernacular Architecture

Key resources

The following sources will be useful for finding information on your topics. If an e-book, click on the full-text link to connect to it.

Dictionaries, Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries, handbooks, manuals and encyclopedias can be used for gaining the background information for the problem based learning tasks or projects. They are useful as they often provide essential factual information, definitions, concepts and technical details.

Additional Handbooks & Manuals

Commercial Building Design

Building Materials, Components and Details

Building Services

Sustainability and Building Design

Sustainable Commercial Design