Bachelor of Music: Music Technology

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

The acoustics of a space can have a real impact on the sounds you create and capture.

Beyond Sound

Beyond Sound is a must-read for anyone who loves music technology and wants to build a career in this competitive, fast-paced world.

Digital Sampling

Digital Sampling is the first book about the design and use of sampling technologies that have shaped the sounds of popular music since the 1980s.

Basic Music Technology: An Introduction

This is an introduction to basic music technology, including acoustics for sound production and analysis, Fourier, frequency modulation, wavelets, and physical modeling and a classification of musical instruments and sound spaces for tuning and counterpoint.

Popular music, technology, and the changing media ecosystem: from cassettes to stream

This looks at infrastructures and practices of music making and consuming primarily in the post-Napster era of digitization.

An Introduction to Music Technology

This book is designed to provide music students with the background necessary to apply technology in their creating, teaching, and performing.

Music Technology

Emphasising the creative aspect of music technology, this introduction sets out an overview of the field for music students in a non-scientific and straightforward way.

Audio Production and Critical Listening

Audio Production and Critical Listening develops your critical and expert listening skills, enabling you to listen to audio like an award-winning engineer.

The History of Music Production

Burgess charts the highs and lows of the industry throughout the decades and concludes with a discussion on the present state of music production.


A deluxe photographic celebration of the unsung hero of guitar music--the effects pedal.

Practical Recording Techniques

Practical Recording Techniques covers all aspects of recording, perfect for beginning and intermediate recording engineers, producers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts.

GarageBand for Dummies

GarageBand For Dummies is your go-to guide to navigating the interface and making the tweaks to create your own songs. 

The Insider's Guide to Home Recording

With the mass availability of sophisticated technology, there has never been a better time to do it yourself and make a profit. 

The Digital Musician

 An introductory textbook for creative music technology and electronic music courses.

Digital Tools for Computer Music Production and Distribution

Presents research-based perspectives and solutions for integrating computational methods for music production, distribution, and access around the world, in addition to challenges facing the music industry in an age of digital access.

Audio Production Tips

This book provides practical and accessible information detailing the production processes for recording today's bands.

The Art of Producing

Learn how to develop a step-by-step process for critiquing all of the musical components that go into creating a highly refined production that works for all styles of music.

Dance Music Manual

Aimed at the novice and seasoned professional alike, takes the reader through the software and hardware needed to create original, captivating, and professional sounding music.

Psychoacoustic Music Sound Field Synthesis Creating Spaciousness for Composition, Performance, Acoustics and Perception

Presents a new approach to spatial audio: psychoacoustic sound field synthesis that enables a natural, spatial, music listening experience.

A Nime Reader

What is a musical instrument? What are the musical instruments of the future? This anthology presents thirty papers selected from the fifteen year long history of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME).

Example Article (from the Library)

Walzer, D. (2021). Sonic thinking as a tool for creativity, communication, and sensory awareness in music production. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 42, Article 100953.


Example Article (from the web)

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