Bachelor of Music: Music Practice


This book provides current research on the epidemiology, causes and emerging treatments for tinnitus.

Game Sound

An examination of the many complex aspects of game audio, from the perspectives of both sound design and music composition.

The Meaning of Metallica : Ride the Lyrics

A serious look at the lyrics of metal's biggest band, disentangling double meanings, explaining stories, uncovering sources, and illuminating themes such as hope, despair, rage, resilience, power, liberty, justice, love, death, and insanity.

Music Theory Secrets

Music Theory Secrets is designed for instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers, and other instructors and professionals seeking a quick set of pointers to improve their work as performers and producers of music.

Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Song Cycles

Informed by music history, music theory, and performance, this offers an essential guide into the contemporary art-music song cycle for performers, scholars, students, and anyone seeking to understand this unique genre.

The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music

The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music prepares today's music students for their careers by teaching them to compose their own music, produce it professionally, and sell it successfully.

The Musician's Way : A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness

Veteran performer and educator Gerald Klickstein combines the latest research with his 30 years of professional experience to provide aspiring musicians with a roadmap to artistic excellence.

The Mind's Ear : Exercises for Improving the Musical Imagination for Performers, Composers, and Listeners

The Mind's Ear offers a unique approach to stimulating the musical imagination and inspiring creativity, as well as providing detailed exercises aimed at improving the ability to read and imagine music in silence, in the "mind's ear."

Audio Production and Critical Listening

Audio Production and Critical Listening develops your critical and expert listening skills, enabling you to listen to audio like an award-winning engineer.

Developing Musicianship Through Aural Skills

Developing Musicianship Through Aural Skills is a comprehensive method for learning to hear, sing, understand, and use the foundations of music as a part of an integrated and holistic curriculum for training professional musicians.

Mastering the Art of Performance

In Mastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for Musicians, Stewart Gordon offers seasoned advice to musicians intent on meeting the challenges of performance. 

Performing Popular Music

The authors offer a practical overview of topics ranging from rehearsals to stagecraft, and what to do when things go wrong.

Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business

How to make your band a huge business success Whether you're recording an album, budgeting a tour, or livestreaming concerts, you need solid information to make the right legal and business choices.

Paul McCartney and His Creative Practice: The Beatles and Beyond

This book provides fresh insight into the creative practice developed by Paul McCartney over his extended career as a songwriter, record producer and performing musician.

The Music Industry Handbook

The Music Industry Handbook, is an expert resource and guide for all those seeking an authoritative and user-friendly overview of the music industry today.

Musical Practice As a Form of Life

Musical practice can be understood as open and never finished. Such an emphasis on repetition offers freedom from perfection, productivity, and purpose, thus allowing meaning to unfold in specific situations, places, and relationships.

Anatomy of a Song : The Inside Stories Behind 45 Iconic Hits

In Anatomy of a Song, writer and music historian Marc Myers tells the stories behind fifty rock, pop, R&B, country and reggae hits through intimate interviews with the artists who wrote and recorded them.

Experiencing Leonard Bernstein

Perhaps the most famous American classical musician born in the twentieth century, Bernstein divided his time between composing, conducting, writing, and teaching, a busy schedule that set his work as composer at a disadvantage.

Generative Processes in Music

This book brings together leading figures in music psychology to present pioneering studies of the processes by which music is generated.

Innovation in Music

Innovation in Music: Performance, Production, Technology and Business is a collection comprising of cutting-edge articles on a range of topics, presented under the main themes of artistry, technology, production and industry.

The Performance Handbook

This book is meant not only for artists, but also to businesspeople, teachers, public speakers - in short, to everyone who must give a performance, no matter what kind.

Achieving Peak Performance in Music

Achieving Peak Performance in Music: Psychological Strategies for Optimal Flow is a unique and comprehensive exploration of flow in music performance.

Economic Analysis of Music Copyright

Provides a general introduction into the economics of music copyright from the perspective of performing rights organizations.

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Example Article (from the web)

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