E-books Guide: Finding e-books

E-book providers at Victoria University

New electronic books

Finding and searching for e-books

Library e-books have been purchased and subscribed from various providers and can be found using the Library Search as well as via A-Z Databases link. 

How to access and use e-books (Video)

Finding e-books using Find Library Resources

Conduct a search using Find Library Resources

Search for e-books on VU’s library website by typing in a title, author or simply by entering keywords in the Find Library Resources box and selecting the "Books & e-books" option.

The image is the search box in the library page. Arrow points at the Books & ebooks radio button, which can be chosen to limit the search results only to books and ebooks.


Refine your search

From the search results page; to identify an electronic book, look for the format of the book indicating ‘e-book’ on the screen.

You can further refine your search to show e-books published in the last few years by selecting the date range and e-books option from the left hand side of the page.

The image is the results page. Arrows points at the All Filters and the options to choose Source Type and ebooks.ich can be chosen to limit the search results only to books and ebooks.


The image is the results page. Arrows point at All Filters and the Date Range option with Past 5 years chosen.



Note that you may be asked to enter your MyVU login and password.

Watch our step by step video on how to search the library for electronic books.

Finding e-books through A - Z Databases link

Alternatively, e-books can be found via the A - Z Databases link.

Search the Databases

Click on the A - Z Databases link from the Library's homepage.

The image points to choose A-Z Databases in the library page. Arrow points at the A-Z Database option below the Search Box.

Type the name of the e-book database or the e-book provider/platform and click on Search. Alternatively, you can browse by database type or alphabetically to locate e-book databases.

The image has the names of Databases listed alphabetically. Arrows point to search box to put the name of database and database type to choose ebooks.

Accessing the e-book database

From the database description page, click on the name of the database to connect to the e-book provider's site.