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On this page, you will find links to VU and Open Access resources that focus on challenges and solutions relating to climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity shifts, global pollution, & natural disaster.

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Staff and students from Victoria University are able to access various online resources from VU Library. You may be initially diverted to the VU Portal log-in page. Enter your Victoria University credentials.

Below is a selection of search links that allow you to re-run a VU Library search. Using the Limits option within the search results may be appropriate to focus your search more precisely. For all examples, a limit to all literature published in the last five years has been applied.

Open Access collections

VU research

Young, C., Jones, R., & Cormick, C. (2021). Growing the seeds: recovery, strength and capability in Gippsland communities.  Victoria University.

Eilam, E., Prasad, V., & Widdop Quinton, H. (2020). Climate change education: Mapping the nature of climate change, the content knowledge and examination of enactment in upper secondary Victorian curriculum. Sustainability, 12(2),591-621.

Kaini, S., Nepal, S., Pradhananga, S., Gardner, T., & Sharma, A. (2020). Representative general circulation models selection and downscaling of climate data for the transboundary Koshi river basin in China and Nepal. International Journal of Climatology, 40(9), 4131-4149.

 Wardley, N. (2020). The greenhouse gas emissions trading journey: Finding the balance between acceptance, effectiveness and emissions reduction. [Doctoral dissertation, Victoria University]. Victoria University Research Repository.

 Tariq, M.A.U.R., Damnics, R. R., Rajabi, Z., Shahid, M.L.U.R., & Muttil, N. (2020). Identification of major inefficient water consumption areas considering water consumption, efficiencies, and footprints in Australia. Applied Sciences, 10(18), 6156-6172.

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