Planetary Health resources at VU: Changing land and food production

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On this page, you will find a list of resources on the changing land and food systems including planetary diet, muscular health and diet, nutrition and agricultural sustainability.

Can healthy food save the planet?

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Electronic books


VU research

Kaini, S. (2021). Climate change impacts on river water availability for irrigation, crop irrigation water requirements and canal system capacity needs in an irrigation scheme in Nepal [Doctoral dissertation, Victoria University]. Victoria University Research Repository.

Njume, Collise (2020) Bioactive components of Australian native plant species and their potential antidiabetic application within the Indigenous community [Doctoral dissertation, Victoria University]. Victoria University Research Repository.

Gabriel, H. (2018). UNIDROIT's work in contract farming and land investment in the broader context of agricultural development and food securityUniform Law Review, 23(2), 270-281.

Stockham, K. (2017). Antioxidants in food systems: influencing factors [Doctoral dissertation, Victoria University]. Victoria University Research Repository.

Strugnell, C., Millar, L., Churchill, A., Jacka, F., Bell, C., Malakellis, M., Swinburn, B., & Allender, S. (2016). Healthy together Victoria and childhood obesity: a methodology for measuring changes in childhood obesity in response to a community-based, whole of system cluster randomized control trialArchives of Public Health, 74(1), 1-16.

Selected articles

Bliege Bird, R. & Bird, D. W. (2021). Climate, landscape diversity, and food sovereignty in arid Australia: The firestick farming hypothesis. American Journal of Human Biology, 33(4), 1-16.

Goulding, T., Lindberg, R., & Russell, C. G. (2020). The affordability of a healthy and sustainable diet: An Australian case study. Nutrition Journal, 19, Article 109.

Parker, C., Carey, R., Haines, F., & Johnson, H. (2020). Can labelling create transformative food system change for human and planetary health? A case study of meat [PDF]. International Journal of Health Policy & Management. Advance online publication.

Schuster, R., Germain, R. R., Bennett, J. R., Reo, N. J., & Arcese, P. (2019). Vertebrate biodiversity on Indigenous-managed lands in Australia, Brazil, and Canada equals that in protected areas. Environmental Science & Policy, 101, 1-6.

Perry, J. J., Sinclair, M., Wikmunea, H., Wolmby, S., Martin, D., & Martin, B. (2018). The divergence of traditional Aboriginal and contemporary fire management practices on Wik traditional lands, Cape York Peninsula, Northern Australia [PDF]. Ecological Management & Restoration, 19(1), 24-31.

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