Research Data Management: ARC Funding Agreement

ARC data management requirement

Since February 2014, the ARC has required researchers to outline how they plan to manage research data arising from ARC-funded research. This requirement forms part of the application process for funding under the National Competitive Grants Programme.

The OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding (2007) also provide guidance on the management of data and primary materials. The ARC notes that Australia, as an OECD member, is expected (not legally bound) to implement these principles and guidelines.

The ARC’s requirement is designed to encourage researchers to consider the ways in which they can best manage, store, disseminate and reuse data. Researchers, in consultation with institutions, have a responsibility to consider the management and future potential of their research data, taking into account the particular approaches, standards and uses for data that may exist in different institutions, disciplines and research projects. 

The ARC does not require full, detailed data management plans (such as those required by some funding agencies internationally) and does not mandate open access to data.

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