Research Data Management: Data Management Plan Template

Why write a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

Maintaining comprehensive data and materials and other records related to research is essential to the integrity of a research project or activity.

At VU, a Research Data and Materials Plan must be established and registered in the Office for Research prior to the commencement of a research project. Research data and materials must be safely and securely stored during the project and for a defined period beyond the completion of the project to enable research outcomes to be validated and justified.

Remember that a data management plan is a living document and should be reviewed and updated regularly, especially if unforeseen data is collected. 

Template tips

Data and materials include:

  • questionnaires
  • recordings
  • ore samples
  • biological material
  • assays
  • test results
  • transcripts
  • laboratory notes
  • field notes
  • digital collections, datasets, databases and artefacts
  • other primary or secondary data and materials

Records refer to the material form of information, related to or derived from research. Records may include:

  • correspondence
  • grant or ethics applications
  • technical reports
  • signed consent forms
  • information sheets for research participants

The VU Research Data and Materials Plan template is five pages long, we appreciate this is a long form covering many possibilities. Many fields in the form are optional and some may not apply to your research. Ony the items with with a red star * are essential, these include:

  • Project description
  • Data and materials contacts
  • List of data and materials and where they'll be stored
  • Access and security
  • Retention period

The template is an online form so it can be easily submitted upon competion. If the email button isn't working, try the option "Internet Email" to create an attachment. Or save a copy and email to