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Useful books & eBooks available from the VU Library

VU library books

Electronic books

The library purchases a lot of electronic books, or e-books. You can link through to these from the library website and read them online. You will also be able to download some books for a set time and read them on your own device.

These e-books are accessed through different companies and have different restrictions about downloading and printing. When you are accessing an e-book and you want to know more information go to the information on the library website.

Transcript for how to access and use e-books video

How to Use E-books Transcript

In this presentation you will see how to search for an e-book using the library website as well as where to find information about e-books such as how to print or download. E-books are books that can be accessed online 24/7 and can be read on computers and other mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone. E-books are not heavy to carry or return and you do not have to pay library fines on overdue books. You can search for e-books on VU library website by typing in a title, author or simply by entering keywords.I have searched for the words on "sports publicity" and then chosen the 'books and e-books' button and clicked on search. This page shows all the search results. To identify an electronic book, look for the format of the book indicating 'e-book' on the screen. The e-books have been purchased from a number of different providers so there is some variation between e-book borrowing, downloading, printing, reading off-line, transferring between devices and setting up accounts. The library e-book page has information about these providers and help guides. To access ebook information, choose the option 'Access e-books' from the blue box titled 'I want to' or follow the links from 'Access and borrowing'. Back to our search results. Let's have a look at the first book on the results page by clicking on the e-book link. Note that you might be asked to enter your student ID and library PIN. This particular book is provided by EBL. You can read the book online or download it on to your PC or mobile device. Access to the downloaded copy of the book is only for limited time period. Look at the e-book page for further details. Once you have clicked on 'Read online' you will be able to read a chapter online, search within the book or print a limited number of pages. Create a loan if prompted by a message on the screen. This is how a page will appear when you are reading a chapter online. For further information, please contact us through 'Ask a Librarian' service or talk to a library staff member if on campus. 

Transcript for how to find an exact title on the library search video

How to find an exact title on library’s website 

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In this presentation, you will see how to find an exact title on the library’s search. 

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Type exact title in the search box. Choose the “All resources” button and click search. 

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This page shows all the result but to refine to an exact title, you need to go to advance search by clicking on the “Advanced search” link located under the search text box. Click search. 

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The title is automatically filled in. Select “TI Title” from the drop down menu. Click search. 

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The first result is the exact title. Other results match some words from your search title. 

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For further information, please contact us through the ‘Ask a Librarian’ service or talk to a library staff member if on campus.