AHE2251 Sport Coaching Environment, Planning, & Delivery: Databases & Journals

When an article is published in a peer-reviewed or refereed journal, it indicates that that article has been through a formal review process. It has been read by experts in the subject field before being accepted for publication. This ensures the information in the article is well-researched, and contributes to the knowledge of the subject area.

What are articles?

An author writes an article on a particular topic and sends it to a journal publisher.
Articles on similar topics are published together in journals, which can also be known as periodicals.
The journal publisher assesses the article. It may be reviewed by other writers in the field. This would then be a peer reviewed article.

How do we access the articles?

The library subscribes to print copies of journals and puts them onto the library shelves.
The library subscribes to online databases which are collections of journals packaged together by topic. These databases can be searched using keywords, author names and subjects.
A search in the ‘Library Search’ accesses many journal articles in the databases.

Suggested journals

You can search for individual journals. Here a couple of journals to explore. Click through and browse the content. You can also search WITHIN the journal itself using keywords.

Database access to peer reviewed journal articles

Rather than searching ALL the library resources you can choose to search in ONE of the databases. Remember to limit your search results to peer-reviewed (or refereed) articles.

How to find a journal article using the Library Search [video]

Searching for journal articles in SPORTDiscus database [video]

Newspapers and TV news databases

Current (and sometimes local) information but not peer reviewed

  • ANZ NEWSSTREAM - ANZ Newsstream contains the articles from Australian and New Zealand national and regional newspapers. The coverage begins in 1996
  • Kanopy - access to a broad range of educational streamed video titles
  • The Conversation - The Conversation contains news and views from academic and research communities