AHE2251 Sport Coaching Environment, Planning, & Delivery: Overview

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This page provides information on getting started on your assignment and keyword searching strategies.

Steps to preparing for a successful assignment

  1. Collect all your information about the assignment.
  • the unit guide or VU Collaborate information on the assignment, including the marking rubric
  • the type of resources required to use in your assignment e.g. books, journal articles, reputable website
  • notes from classes on how to do the assignment
  1. Analyse the question and prepare to research
  • identify keywords & search the Library for resources e.g. books, journal articles (see the Keyword video)
  • identify and collect relevant material 
  1. Read for Information
  • read and make notes
  • prepare each Reference as you read it, ensure it is written in the APA referencing style. See the APA referencing guide for further assistance
  1. Form an opinion
  • collect notes from your reading and start to build your argument in preparation for completing the assessment task
  • write the correct References for each of the resources used for your Reference List

Why use the Library: Google vs VU Library [video]

What are keywords?

Key words are words in a question that tell you the approach you should take when answering an assignment question. 

Keywords can include:

Content Words      

  • Tell you what the topic area is.
  • Help you to focus your research and reading on the correct area.
  • Think about synonyms or similar words.    



Source: University of New South Wales 

Limiting Words 

  • Tell you what area(s) to focus on, eg. sport coaching
  • Define the topic area further, eg. youth sport coaching 
  • Indicate aspects of the topic area you should narrowly concentrate on, eg. youth sport coaching AND coaching models Opractices.



Task Words

  • Tell you what to do; the action(s) you need to perform, eg. compare, contrast, describe, summarise.



Keyword strategies [video]

APA referencing: The basics [video]

Refer to the APA Referencing guide for detailed information on how to reference your source using APA style.