APP1016 Foundations of Psychological Research: Getting started

Required Text

Forty studies that changed psychology by Roger R. Hock

Publication Date: 2015


Use these to find the meaning of key terms in Psychology:

Academic Writing Resources

Steps to a Successful Assignment

  1. Collect all your information about the assignment.
  • the handout on the assignment
  • the type of resources required for your Reference List e.g. books, journal articles
  • notes from classes on how to do the assignment
  • check the assessment criteria
  1. Analyse and prepare
  • identify the Required Reading 
  • identify keywords & search the Library for additional resources e.g. books, journal articles
  1. Read for Information
  • read Required Reading and make notes
  • read the additional articles etc for information not in the Required Reading
  • prepare each Reference as you read it.
  1. Start writing
  • collect notes from your reading and start to build your essay
  • write the correct References for each of your readings for your Reference List

PsycINFO Database

 PsycINFO - contains citations, abstracts and full-text of articles from the world's leading, peer-reviewed psychology journals. Also included are book chapters, books and technical reports.


Psychological Experiments Online

Psychological Experiments Online is a database of videos and articles on groundbreaking experiments in Psychology. Featured Psychologists include Stanley Milgram, Harry Harlow and Solomon Asch. It covers many of the experiments you'll be reading about in APP1016.

APA Referencing Style

  • More information on APA referencing can be found on the Referencing page of this guide.
  • This is the link to VU Library's online APA referencing Guide:
  • Our interactive referencing tool VUEasyRef  will show you how to paraphrase, summarise, quote and cite your sources of information.
  • VU Library has copies of the complete Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association see details below, for all the examples you might need of APA referencing Style. 
  • Also useful is the APA Style Blog: where you can find the APA's answers to frequently asked questions about the trickier aspects of APA Referencing Style.