Resistance Training and Biomechanics: Anatomy Resources

A Guide for AHE1112 & AHE1202

Anatomy databases

Anatomy.TV database

View the following video to learn how to access Anatomy.TV database through VU Library and get an overview of the platform.

Anatomy.TV resources (3D models, animations, MRI sections, slides, movie clips) can be saved and embedded in your e-portfolios, blogs, H5P's, PowerPoint presentations and other presentation tools such as Prezi, Canvas and Emaze.

Example of Anatomy.TV resource

The following animation is from the Anatomy TV database- Functional Anatomy module (sub-module - Resistance training) demonstrating how to do a push-up.


Transcript for How to access Anatomy.TV

This video will demonstrate how to access Anatomy.TV database and provide you with an overview of the platform. 

To begin with, lets get an idea of what Anatomy.TV is? 

Anatomy. TV is a comprehensive, interactive multimedia database, which includes enhanced online anatomy and physiology educational resources. In particular, accurate 3D models of human anatomy. 

Anatomy.Tv covers Interactive 3D anatomy models, MRI sections, Slides, Movies, Animations and Clinical text and patient education sheets. 

To locate the database, go to the Library’s homepage and click on Databases A-Z listing. Once on the databases A-Z page, select ‘A’ under ‘Browse alphabetically’. 

Scroll down the list and click on Anatomy TV and then connect to the database. Please refer to the Resource Advisory notes field if using the 3D Real time module within Anatomy TV. 

Once you are connected to the database , the homepage will show five separate modules including the 3D Atlas3D Real-TimeFunctional AnatomyAnatomy and Physiology Package as well as 3D Sports, Therapy & Rehabilitation Package. 

Let’s preview the main features of the 3D Real Time modeule. You can easily navigate, read the text about the anatomical structure, view the Dissections, rotate, zoom or move the 3D models across the screen, customise the 3D model by drawing, pinning or labelling, save your favourite 3D views, use  images from Anatomy TV and embed them in your assessment tasks. 

For further assistance with Anatomy. TV modules, refer to the comprehensive help guides available under the ‘Help’ menu or contact the library using Ask a Librarian or talk to a library staff member if on campus.