Resistance Training and Biomechanics: Databases & journals

A Guide for AHE1112 & AHE1202

Different access to peer-reviewed journal articles

Rather than searching ALL the library resources, you can choose to search in ONE of the databases. Remember to limit your search results to peer-reviewed (or refereed) articles.

EBSCOhost Databases: To search in multiple EBSCOhost databases simultaneously,

  • Access any of the EBSCOhost research databases through Databases A to Z page.
  • Once on the database page, click on "Choose Databases" and select multiple databases. e.g. you can search SPORTDiscus, CINAHL, MEDLINE, PsycINFO, etc. in the one search.



Sage Research Methods (SRM) database

Having trouble finding information about different qualitative and quantitative methodologies? Sage Research Methods Online: SRMO is the answer! From first year students up to PhD level and beyond SRM explains the different research methodologies and provides articles and book chapters about their implementation. Find SRM under 'S' on the Library databases page or click here: SRM.

What is a Scholarly or Academic Journal and how to check for peer reviewed articles?

When an article is published in a peer-reviewed or refereed journal, it indicates that that article has been through a formal review process. It has been read by experts in the subject field before being accepted for publication. This ensures the information in the article is well-researched, and contributes to the knowledge of the subject area.

How to find peer-reviewed journal articles through library search

Video databases

  • Alexander Street Counseling - the library subscribes to several streaming video databases where you can find real-life examples and interviews of responses to health issues. Here is an example of a video collection available through the Alexander Street Counseling database - counseling & therapy.
  • Kanopy - streaming video database where you can find health and fitness related videos . Here is an example - everyday health

Transcript for how to find a peer-reviewed journal article on SPORTDiscus database

How to find a journal article on a library database (SportDiscus). In this presentation you will see how to find a journal article on a library database.To access databases, click on “Databases A-Z”. You can search the databases by name or browse alphabetically or by subject. Click on letter “S” to select SportDiscus database. Connect to the database by clicking on “SPORTDiscus with fulltext”. Enter your search terms. Select options available from the drop down menu. You can limit your search to peer-reviewed articles and full text as well as choose articles published in the last few years. Link to the full text of the article. For further information, please contact us through ‘Ask a Librarian’ service or talk to a rover or library staff member if on campus.