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  • What is an ally? 
  • Why are allies important?
  • How can we be effective allies to the LGBTIQA+ community?
  • What are some resources for Allies?

VU Pride and Ally Network

VU Pride and ALLY Network

The University has a Pride and Ally Network, which is made up of VU LGBTIQA+ and gender diverse community members as well as allies.

A Pride and ALLY Network Member:

A Pride and ALLY Network Member is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful culture at VU for LGBTQI+ and gender diverse community members, staff and students.
A Pride and ALLY Network Member is someone who is informed about, sensitive toward, and understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people and their issues, and affirms and validates their experiences and rights. A Pride and ALLY Network Member also goes further by choosing to challenge homophobic and/or heterosexist values of others in the workplace and learning environment, in a variety of ways including by individual example and personal awareness.

The role of a Pride and ALLY Network Member is to:

  • assist in creating a respectful work and learning culture by promoting visibility and awareness
  • provide a safe space to talk provide confidential support and empathy regarding LGBTQI+ and gender diverse issues
  • publicly identify as a Pride and ALLY Network Member
  • be open to questions from and about LGBTQI+ and gender diverse issues
  • participate in interactive training programs
  • work to support existing policies and practices at VU that bring about equity to the LGBTQI+ and gender diverse community.


For more information about LGBTIQA+ and Gender Diverse Inclusion at VU, please go to 



VU at Midsumma Pride!

Reference: VC Adam Shoemaker with students and staff at 2021 Midsumma Pride March


More information at:
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VU Pride and ALLY Network and LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

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