LGBTIQA+ Library Guide: Journals and Databases

Databases for LQBTIQ+ research

Specialist Databases
General Databases of interest

Many Library databases, both general and discipline specific, will have content relating to LGBTIQ+ people and issues. Using relevant keywords (see the Home page for advice) will help to focus your searching.

Health & Social Aspects

Open Access (OA) Databases and Journals

Suggested Articles

Forbes, T. D., & Ueno, K. (2020). Post-gay, political, and pieced together: Queer expectations of straight allies. Sociological Perspectives63(1), 159–176.

Jenkins, C. D., Savitsky, D., Mahon, M. M., Dockery, G. N., & McBride, M. (2020). Advocacy in action for sexual, affectional, intersex, and gender expansive Identities. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling14(4), 374–392.

Smith, L. C., & Shin, R. Q. (2014) Queer blindfolding: A case study on difference “blindness” toward persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, Journal of Homosexuality61(7), 940-961,

Waling, A., & Roffee, J. A. (2018). Supporting LGBTIQ+ students in higher education in Australia: Diversity, inclusion and visibility. Health Education Journal77(5), 667–679.


Selected Journals

Cover image of the Journal of LGBT Youth

Journal of LGBT Youth

The Journal of LGBT Youth is an international interdisciplinary research forum dedicated to improving the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, intersex, queer, questioning, and allied youth.

Cover image of the Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of Homosexuality

The  Journal of Homosexuality is an internationally acclaimed, peer-reviewed publication devoted to publishing a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship on all aspects of sexuality and gender.

Cover image of Transgender Health [journal]

Transgender Health

The journal dedicated to delivering authoritative, peer-reviewed research and clinical studies focused exclusively on meeting the healthcare needs of transgender individuals throughout their lifespan.

Cover image of the Journal of Lesbian Studies

Journal of Lesbian Studies

The Journal of Lesbian Studies examines the cultural, historical, and interpersonal impact of the lesbian experience on society.

Cover image of the Journal of Bisexuality

Journal of Bisexuality

The Journal of Bisexuality is the first professional quarterly to publish both professional articles and serious essays on bisexuality and its meaning for the individual, the community, and society.

Cover image of the Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling

Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling

The  Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling is the national, peer-refereed journal affiliated with the Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities.

Cover image of the LGBTQ Policy Journal

LGBTQ Policy Journal

The mission of The LGBTQ Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School is to move the conversation forward on LGBT rights and equality. 

Cover image of Psychology of Sexual Orien...

Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity is a scholarly journal dedicated to the dissemination of information in the field of sexual orientation and gender diversity.

Cover image of Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services

The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services provides empirical knowledge and conceptual information related to sexual minorities and their social environment.

Cover image of Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

The Journal of GLBT Family Studies is the first journal to address the unique experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals in the context of the family. 

Cover image of Canadian Online Journal of Queer ..

Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education

Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education provides a forum for scholars, professionals and activists to discuss queer topics in education and the social sciences.

Cover image of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: an International Journal

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion offers exploration of equal opportunities concerns including gender, ethnicity, class, disability, age, sexual orientation, & religion. Older issues can be accessed via Proquest.

Cover image Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health seeks out and publishes the most current clinical and research scholarship on LGBT mental health with a focus on clinical issues.

Cover image of the Journal of the History of Sexuality

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Established in 1990, the Journal of the History of Sexuality (JHS) illuminates the history of sexuality, recognizing various differences of class, culture, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Older issues can be accessed via JSTOR.

Cover image of QED: A journal of GLBTQ worldmaking

QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Worldmaking

QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking brings together scholars, activists, and others to discuss the diverse lived experience of GLBTQ peoples and communities.

Selected Magazines

Cover image of Transgender Tapestry

Transgender Tapestry

Transgender Tapestry (~1970's-2000's) covers topics such as crossdressing, transsexualism, healthcare, & political movements. More back issues are available Open Access at the Digital Transgender Archive.

Cover image of the Gay & Lesbian Review

Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide

The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide (The G&LR) is a magazine of history, culture, and politics for LGBT people and their allies that publishes essays in a wide range of disciplines as well as reviews.

Cover image of The Advocate

The Advocate (Los Angeles)

The Advocate is an American LGBT-interest magazine with an editorial focus on news, politics, opinion, and arts and entertainment of interest to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people. [From Wikipedia].

Cover image of Gay Times

Gay Times

Gay Times has been a vital resource for the LGBTQ community since 1974, spreading crucial awareness on policy changes and the ongoing fight for liberation, to the very latest in LGBTQ culture.

Cover image of Lesbian News

Lesbian News

Lesbian News is a magazine for the lesbian community including news of note, feature articles, commentary, profiles, music, book and movie reviews.

Cover image of Chrysalis Quarterly

Chrysalis Quarterly

Chrysalis Quarterly (1991-98) was a complete run of 12 issues, which are included in this collection. Each issue has a different theme, but overall the issues mainly focus on the exploration of gender and gender expression.

Cover image of RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine

Rainbow Wedding Network Magazine

RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine was a quarterly publication and the first GLBTQ wedding and family magazine.

Cover image of DIVA

DIVA (London)

First published in 1994, DIVA is the world’s best-selling magazine for LGBTQI women, spotlighting all that is fresh, funny, exciting, controversial and cutting-edge in the LGBTQI community. Find DIVA online.

Cover image of Velvetpark

Velvetpark: Dyke culture in bloom

Velvetpark Magazine focused on the culture and arts of lesbian, dyke, butch, femme, and women identified queer and transpeople. Velvetpark continues online.

Cover image of Whosoever


Whosoever was founded as a print magazine in 1996 to serve as a voice and a resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians. Whosoever continues online.

Google Scholar and Grey Literature

Google Scholar is a great place to kick start your research, and particularly to test your keywords and search strategies to see if they are returning the best results for your research topic. The following video gives an introduction to getting the most out of Google Scholar. REMEMBER: Google Scholar is a great place to start, but no substitute for focused searching in the VU Library Databases and Library Search.

Grey Literature

Grey literature includes conference proceedings and reports produced by government agencies, research institutes or other organizations that are disseminated outside of traditional publication outlets, usually for a professional audience.

Find out more about Grey Literature and how to search for it effectively on the Library's Literature Review Guide.

Some examples of grey literature related to LGBTIQ+ people and their experiences: