LGBTIQA+ Library Guide: Videos

Accessing material

Staff and students from Victoria University are able to access the following material. You may be initially diverted to the VU Portal log-in page. Use your MyVU login. Non-VU patrons will only be able to view the open access videos.

Kanopy videos

There are many videos in the video collections titled LGBTQ Cinema and LGBTQ Stories available on Kanopy.

Below is a selection of videos available.


This documentary focuses on the life

and work of Alfred C. Kinsey.

A distinguished  researcher, Kinsey's

publications in the 40's and 50's made

major strides in destigmatising

same-sex attraction. 


In this groundbreaking documentary,

intersex individuals reveal the secrets

of their lives - and how they have

navigated their way through this

strictly male/female world, when

they fit somewhere in between.


The story of Harvey Milk, and

his struggles as an activist who

fought for gay rights and became

California's first openly gay

elected official.

I'm Just Anneke

Anneke is 12. She loves ice hockey

and is a hardcore tomboy.

Everybody who meets her assumes

she's a boy, but she's not sure if she

wants to be a girl, a boy, or

something in-between when she

grows up.


Tales of the Waria

Indonesia is home to the world's

largest Muslim population. It is also

home to the "warias," a community

of trans women. Shot over three years

with the local queer community

serving as story consultants and film

crew members.

Man Made

Man Made follows the lives of four

transgender men as they prepare

to compete at TransFitCon, the only

all-trans bodybuilding competition

in the world.

Brokeback Mountain

Set against the sweeping vistas

of Wyoming and Texas, the film

tells the story of two young cowboys

who meet in the summer of 1963

and forge a lifelong connection.

Lavender Limelight: Spotlight on

Lesbian Filmakers

From Go Fish to Paris is Burning to 

The Watermelon Woman, this festival

favorite goes behind the scenes to

reveal seven successful lesbian directors.


Kate Bornstein is a Queer and

Pleasant Danger

Trailblazing performance artist activist

and gender outlaw, Kate Bornstein,

takes us on a quest through her world

dismantling gender and seeking answers

to the age-old question: What makes

life worth living?

Cover image of the documentary film 'In full bloom transcending gender'

In full bloom

In Full Bloom follows the courageous

journey of 13 transgender and

2 gay actors as they transform their

lives through performance art,

while preparing for the world

premiere of an original stage play.

Thumbnail image for the documentary film 'Before homosexuals'

Before homosexuals

John Scagliotti, executive producer

of the landmark film Before Stonewall,

guides us in a wondrous tour of erotic

history, poetry and visual art in his

new documentary on same-sex desire.

Orchids: My Intersex adventure

Documentary filmmaker, Phoebe Hart,

embarks on a journey of self-discovery

to embrace her future and reconcile

the past shame and family secrecy

surrounding her intersex condition.

Out at Work

OUT AT WORK chronicles the stories

of three workers in the USA who

seek workplace safety, job security

and benefits for gay and lesbian


Forbidden: Undocumented and

Queer in Rural America

When Moises Serrano was just a baby,

his parents risked everything to flee

Mexico in search of the American dream.

Forbidden to live and love as an

undocumented gay man in the country

he calls home, Serrano saw only one

option: to fight for justice.

T'ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer

Blues Divas of the 1920's

Explores the hidden sexualities of

Black female entertainers who

reigned over the nascent blues

recording industry of the 1920’s.

Unlike the male-dominated jazz

scene, early blues provided a space

for women to take the lead.

ClickView movies

Search the ClickView database collection for movies. Below is a selection of videos available.

The Adventures of Priscilla - 

Queen of the Desert

Two drag queens and a transwoman

travel across the desert to perform

their unique style of cabaret.

The Birdcage

A middle-aged gay couple pose

as heterosexuals for a dinner date

with the parents of their son's girlfriend,

with hilarious results.


A mobster, his mistress and a

tough female ex-con are caught

in a dangerous plot with over

two million of the mob's money

at stake.



Based on Patricia Highsmith's novella,

'The Price of Salt', about the burgeoning

relationship between two very different

women in 1950s New York.


A week before vaginoplasty surgery, 

transwoman Sabrina "Bree" Osbourne

receives an unexpected phone call from

a young man named Toby Wilkins, 

a 17 year old claiming to be her son.

Holding the Man

Tim and John fell in love while teenagers

at their all-boys high school. Their romance

endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of

everything life threw at it - the separations,

the discrimination, the temptations,

the jealousies and the losses.

Clickview news and documentaries

Search the ClickView database collection for snap-shots of current issues. Below is a selection of videos available.

Thumbnail image for the documentary episode 'Gaycation - Japan'

Gaycation - Japan

Actor Elliot Page and

Ian Daniel set off on a journey to explore

LGBTQI cultures around the world. 

Island Queens

The remote community of the Tiwi islands,

located 80 kilometres north of the

Australian mainland, has a thriving LGBT

community known as the Sistergirls.

China Queer

A look at how LGBT people in China

hope to spread a message of equality

and positivity, but the country's strict

government authorities constantly

dampen their efforts.

Check It

Documentary that follows members of

Check It, a group of young LGBT

African American women and men

that live in Washington, D.C.

Love in Full Colour

Erin, Steph and 10 other LGBT teens

reveal the highs and lows of their experiences

with falling in love, coming out at high school

and coming of age.

When We  Rise

Dramatization that tells the history

of the gay rights movement, starting with

the Stonewall Riots in 1969.Chronicles the

personal and political struggles, set-backs

and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT

men and women. 

Soundtracks that defined history -

Out, Loud and Proud

Bars and dance clubs are places of

refuge for LGBT people, and the

music played there, from

Judy Garland to Lady Gaga,

has been a vital aspect of the LGBT

experience over the past five decades.

William Yang - My Generation

William Yang found a role as a

documentary photographer of the

emerging artistic, literary, theatrical

and queer circles in the 70s and 80s.

The Out List

The Out List - Through the voices of

Americans from all walks of life,

The OUT List explores the identities

of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and

transgender community in America.

Growing Up Gay

Growing Up Gay - Olly Alexander

explores why the gay community is

more vulnerable to mental health issues,

as he opens up about his own long-term

battles with depression.

Reggie Yate's Extreme Russia -

Gay and Under Attack

Reggie Yates travels to Russia to

find out what life is really like for young

people, in what has been described as

the hardest place in Europe to be gay.

What Its Like - To Have Same-sex


A show giving young people a chance

to share their experiences in their own

words - both good and challenging.

In this episode we hear what it's like

to have same-sex parents. 

Alexander Street database "LGBT Studies in video'

Search the 'my collection' tab on Alexander Street for full list of subject headings. Below is a link to the LGBT studies collection.

LGBT Studies in Video

LGBT Studies in Video is a

cinematic survey of the lives

of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and

transgender people as well

as the cultural and political

evolution of the LGBT community.