SFS6002 Sport Integrity and Ethics: Literature reviews

For Master of Sport Business and Integrity, and the Master of Sport Science (Football Performance).

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Literature review resources

Literature review guides

This VU guide will show you how to  design, research, analyse and write up your literature reviews. 

Please refer to the VU Guide link here: Literature Review


In addition each of the resources below provide comprehensive instructions on how to conduct a literature search: 

1. Getting started on your literature review, (UNSW)

2. What is a review of the literature? Toronto University 

3. From Boston College Libraries a step by step guide to writing a literature review:

The Thesis Whisperer

The Thesis Whisperer 'blog newspaper' provides lots of useful advice and tips for researching and writing. 


You may find it useful to organise your literature search using visual mind-mapping tools.

There are a number of free software tools available to use such as:

•Mind Meister - https://www.mindmeister.com/