SFS6002 Sport Integrity and Ethics: Websites

For Master of Sport Business and Integrity, and the Master of Sport Science (Football Performance).

On this page

This page provides tips on using internet resources at university and a list of useful web resources for this unit.

Web resources

Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority  - Australia’s national anti-doping organisation includes information about anti-doping programmes and codes

Australian Sports Commission - current  research and information

Clearinghouse for Sportbrings together Australia’s leading sport and active recreation agencies

Fitness Australia - links to research and reports 

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics- Santa Clara University - extensive ethics resources including Business ethics and ethics cases

Play by the Rules - investigates gambling and sport 

Sport and dev.org

Sports Integrity Initiative - includes features on anti-doping and GPS testing of athletes


Evaluating websites

Information from web sites can be very easy to find. Due to the nature of the web, it is very important to evaluate anything that you find before including it in an assignment or essay.

Anyone can author or publish material on a web site. No quality control process is required.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use information from web sites just that you need to apply an evaluation criteria to understand: 

 Authority - What type of site is it? Who authored the content? Who is the intended audience?

 Accuracy - What evidence is presented? Does the site reference other sources?

 Currency - When was the last time the site was updated? Does the information presented have a "published" date?

Sports associations and professional bodies

Sport and Recreation Victoria - A list of recognised state sporting associations in Victoria

Exercise and Sports Science Australia - professional organisation and accrediting body of the Australian exercise and sports science industry.

Women Sport Australia - a key non-government organisation advocating for women's sport 

The Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS)