Bachelor of Criminology: Journal Articles

Journal Article Databases

The databases listed below contain articles on the subject of criminology from a wide range of journals.

Try to work out which databases are most likely to contain the information that you need.  Consider the:

  • Subject:  Does the database contain the information that you are looking for?
  • Jurisdiction:  Does the database have information on the jurisdiction (country) that you are interested in?
  • Features:  Does the database have a feature that will make your search easier?  E.g. can it limit results to peer reviewed, or by jurisdiction

If you still can't decide, then choose:

  1. Either Library Search or Google Scholar; and
  2. A database with good coverage of the Australian jurisdiction.  e.g., CINCH; and
  3. A broader social sciences database.  e.g. Sage, Springer, Wiley or Criminal Justice Database.

For example:  Library Search, CINCH, and Criminal Justice Database.