Copyright for teaching at VU: Music

What are 'Multimedia Resources'

For copyright purposes 'multimedia resources' are any audio &/or video materials, regardless of where they were sourced, such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Commercial films
  • Music clips
  • Off-air recordings

Using music for teaching

In this section you will find information regarding recorded music.  Print music (sheet music) is considered to be text under the Copyright Act, and is covered elsewhere in this Guide. Remember, just because something is on the internet does not mean it is copyright free.  

Key points

The University can use music listed under the APRA/AMCOS agreement or licence.

What you can do


  • Upload music for teaching if it is for staff and students ONLY and for educational purposes.  You need to ensure that the site is password protected and that you put the copyright notice on the recording or file, and the heading displays the © notice
  • Use 10% or less of the work in your presentation
  • Use music available under a suitable Creative Commons licence
  • Use music for which you have permission from the copyright owner

 For more information regarding the use of music go to: APRA/AMCOS

The main criteria for using music is that it must be directly related to your course of study and is not made publicly available.

If your use is not for study or educational purposes then you must get permission from the copyright owner and/or pay the required fee, or use music made available under a suitable Creative Commons licence.

What you can't do


  • Download a podcast from an Australian broadcaster that has not already been broadcast
  • Download any podcast from a non-Australian broadcaster or a non-broadcast producer
  • Copy or take excerpts from commercial CDs, DVDs or videos to create compilations
  • Record the part of a lecture where a commercial CD or DVD is played.  Use the pause recording button
  • Make material available to download.  Files must remain on CMS or LMS or intranet and be password protected.

  It is not permitted to make:

  • Commercial music available for online access at a later time away from the class
  • Audio available by way of streaming from physical media for private study or homework unless your Copyright Officer can authorise it under s.200AB of the Act