Copyright for teaching at VU: VU Collaborate - Top 5 tips

Top 5 [Infographic]

Infographic with Top 5 Tips: VU Collaborate and Copyright. Text is reproduced and expanded in section to right of Infographic.

What's covered by copyright

eReserve Readings Educator Insights

The eReserve Insights has been developed to help Educators easily see levels of student engagement and identify at risk students, as well as understand engagement with most/least used resources in their reading lists. The data presented will help Educators to prevent student failure and drop out by early identification and intervention when needed.

Educator Insights features provide Educators and Academic staff with the ability to review real time statistics regarding the degree of Student engagement with resources on their Reading List.

Download the PDF for detailed information

Top 5: What all teaching staff need to know


Know what IS and IS NOT covered by copyright



 There is a copyright notice in all VU Collaborate delivery spaces



There are guidelines as to what you CAN do with text, images, and music



Understand how you can use online VU resources and sources such as YouTube.



Readings is made available as a central repository for all third party material used for online educational purposes.


What’s not covered by copyright