Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Biomedicine: Databases & journals

Library & Academic Skills Guide for first and second year students

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A library database is an electronic collection of records containing either full-text documents such as text, video, or music, or citations and abstracts from reliable resources (academic journals, newspapers and magazines), and sometimes e-books, relevant web resources, and various multimedia.

Searching in general or subject-specific databases is often required to see a more comprehensive overview of resources on a chosen topic, in comparison to searching in the general Library Search.

Search the following databases to find relevant journal articles and other types of material relating to the Biomedical Sciences & Bachelor of Biomedicine topics.

Search Tips

Identify the key concepts and major focus of your topic.

Look up the definitions of any unknown terms in a medical dictionary.

List alternative words that may be used for these concepts


HIV OR "human immunodeficiency virus" OR AIDS

Combine your search terms.

Type your search terms into Library Search or search Library databases listed on this page. For more search term examples, refer to the 'Finding Resources' page of this guide.

Use database filters to narrow your search to peer-reviewed journals or to a specific date.

Scan the results you retrieved for your search, and identify any alternative search terms for subsequent searches.

Key Medical & Biomedical Databases

Key Anatomy & Physiology Databases 

Clinical Medicine Key Databases

What are Scholarly or Academic Journals and Databases?

When an article is published in a peer-reviewed or refereed journal, this indicates that that article has been through a formal review process. The article has been read and reviewed by experts in the subject field before being accepted for publication. This ensures the information in the article is well-researched, and contributes to the knowledge of the subject area. Watch the video below for more information. 


Searching the MEDLINE Database

This is a step by step video guide to searching for journal articles using MEDLINE with full text via Ebscohost.

Searching the PubMed Database

How can you tell if a journal is peer reviewed?

UlrichsWeb is the authoritative source to go to if you want to find out if a journal is peer reviewed or not.
In UlrichsWeb, type in your journal title. If the journal name has an icon like a little black and white striped referee shirt , the journal is peer reviewed.

How to Find Peer Reviewed Journal Articles Through 'Library Search'