Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Biomedicine: Websites, statistics and government publications

Library & Academic Skills Guide for first and second year students

Sources of Statistics

Biomedical statistics - books

Required books

Click on the link to access e-books or find the print books in the Library.

Suggested books

Maths Support 

Our Learning Hub offers a drop-in service, where you can get help from our friendly learning advisors and student mentors on using maths for your coursework. No need to make an appointment, just drop in.

Maths websites

You may like to visit these websites to improve your maths' skills:

Math Centre: resources for students and teachers

Math Tutor: video lessons and practice exercises

MyOpenMath: an online course management and assessment system for mathematics and other quantitative fields

Khan Academy: learn Maths and hundreds of other topics for free.

Writing & maths skills online (James Cook University)

Health Statistics Websites

Australian Laboratory Safety Manual

The Australian Laboratory Safety Manual is a collection of resources for individuals working in research, teaching and scientific laboratories. It includes safe work procedures, chemical safety information, laboratory equipment safety information and other information needed to perform scientific work or processes in a laboratory.