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Anatomy and physiology

An@tomedia A unique self-paced learning program that explores anatomy from different perspectives. These perspectives teach you how the body is constructed (from regions and systems) and how you can deconstruct the body (via dissection and imaging). It includes 9 interactive modules: General Anatomy, Back, Abdomen, Thorax, Pelvis, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Neck, Head. 

Anatomy.TV  A 3D collection of digital images and anatomical models of the human body. Its powerful interface allows to move anatomical models in various directions, add or remove layers of body structures, associate various imaging such as MRIs and CT scans to the anatomical models, view animations of muscle motion. label or highlight body parts, and download or save images for use in presentations.

Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs), a segment of database, it is self-guided, unique and engaging learning and assessment tool. Each body region consists of a number of images so the learning and testing can be tailored to a particular area. To access PALMs from the VU Library homepage so to the Database A to Z  link. Open and select the Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules link from the left hand menu. Signing in for the first time is required. Otherwise, select Log in to continue. More information on how to use PALMs can be found here. ​

Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy A collection of 2,000 images from the renowned series of Atlases of Anatomy. The interactive platform provides access to images for download, manipulation, or live presentation.

More information on how to use all its features can be found here.

General video resources


Streaming video solution offering access to thousands of educational videos and resources covering a broad range of topics, as well as TV programs recorded in the last 14 days from free-to-air digital channels.

Kanopy Video Streaming

Streaming films, documentaries and training videos. New releases daily from producers including Madman Entertainment, Roadshow Films, BBC, ABC, NFSA, Roland Collection, and Symptom Media.

Access to audio tracks, videos, images, and playlists across the curriculum.

How to access Anatomy.TV database

How to use an@tomedia 

Free image and video databases