Finding Resources: Overview

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This guide will help you to find information and resources that you can use for your assessment tasks.

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Search tools on the VU library website

Link through to the library website

Many (but not all) VU Library resources can be accessed through VU Library Search. Keywords or search terms can be entered in the search box.

VU Library Home Page


The library also provides tools to allow users to search for the book, journal article, video, or newspaper whether in physical or electronic format. These tools are located below the main search box on the library website. Consider the text listed under each of the search tools. 

1. A-Z Databases - Find articles, ebooks, streaming videos, case studies and special collections.

2. Publication Finder - Find online publications by title - journals and ebooks.

3. BrowZine - Easy browsing of scholarly journals on any device.

VU Page with Resources listed


Course-specific guides

Once you have become familiar with the basic techniques to search the library, link through to Course Guides to find specific information.

Examples are listed here and the full list of Course Guides is on the VU library website.


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