Copyright for teaching at VU: VU Collaborate - Top 5 tips

Top 5 [Infographic]

'What's covered by copyright' video transcript

Copyright protects forms of expression.  Like text including book chapters and journal articles, manuscripts, poems, manuals, and even timetables.  Artworks, images, maps and architectural plans.  Music Scores.  Dramatic works.  Sound recordings.  And films, including instructional videos.

Top 5: What all teaching staff need to know


Know what IS and IS NOT covered by copyright



 There is a copyright notice in all VU Collaborate delivery spaces



There are guidelines as to what you CAN do with text, images, and music



Understand how you can use online VU resources and sources such as YouTube.



Readings is made available as a central repository for all third party material used for online educational purposes.


'What's not covered by copyright' video transcript

What’s not protected by copyright?  Copyright does not protect ideas, information or raw facts, styles, or techniques in common use.  Other examples of what is not covered include names, slogans, single words, short phrases, titles, and finally, people and people’s images.  It is important to remember that while these things are not protected by copyright, they may well be protected by other areas of the law such as trademarks or defamation.